Preparing to Install Sod

Rejuvenating Your Lawn

A Little TLC Goes a long Way

Carrollton Lawn ServiceRejuvenating your lawn when it has become stressed or damaged yard requires a keen understanding of grass, fertilizers, and rejuvenation methods. If a lawn is not too far gone, it can be rejuvenated with various methods to allow for growth, irrigation and seed germinating.

    1.  Overseeding: When you overseed your lawn you are introducing more grass to grow and over take weeds and plant health new grass.
    2. Compost:  Adding Compost to your lawn will give it extra nutrients to feed off of and increase growth.
    3. Core Aeration:   When you have a lawn with heavy soil compaction or dense thatch. Core aeration will break up that compacted soil and thatch allowing more water and oxygen into the soils to improve growth.
    4. Fertilizer: Using the proper fertilization techniques will restore your soils pH levels to their optimum levels.  Somtimes too much water can erode soils and throw pH level out of a health range for your lawn.

While not a quick fix, rejuvenation can be executed in a single growing season. Once completed, regular fertilizer, weed control, and insect control should be done to support healthy turf.

When you have a distressed lawn or yard take action immediately. Following these techniques to rejuvenate your lawn.  These simple methods can be effective in bring those dead spots back to a green lush blade.  Lawn Services in Carrollton are provided by Ryno Lawn Care LLC. Ryno Lawn Care offers a professional touch to repair your lawn or install new sod.  The job will be done right the 1st time.  Call Today for a free custom quote.

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