Time For New Sod

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Is It Time For New Sod?

Time for new sod to be installed? In some cases, a neglected lawn has passed the point of being rejuvenated. Yards that  have been taken over by weeds will need replacement sod to regain control of the yard. Sod installation usually requires soil tilling to break up compact soil and remove existing weeds. After tilling is completed, fresh, nutrient rich soil is added to the property. After sod is installed, tamped level, and the irrigation system is tested to make sure all sprinkler heads are unblocked. The best sod choices for North Texas are Zoysia, Bermuda, and St. Augustine.

When you have a distressed lawn or yard take action immediately. Following these techniques to rejuvenating your lawn can be effective in bring those dead spots back to a green lush blade.  Lawn Services in Carrollton are provided by Ryno Lawn Care LLC. Ryno Lawn Care offers a professional touch to repair your lawn or install new sod.  The job will be done right the 1st time.  Call Today for a free custom quote.

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